Our History

Heritage Homes was originally founded by the late Master Craftsman Builder Keith Mitchell. Keith could see where building in NZ was heading with group housing being introduced in the 90's and 2000's.

Mass producing homes and losing the vision of actually creating a master piece for the client. A timeless beauty built with precision and overall skill set of the carpenter slowly being lost.

So he had a vision to recreate the homes that to this very day still have stronger foundations, and built to withstand time, but still carrying the character of the yesteryear.

Keith passed this passion and vision to his son John Mitchell, a 4th generation Master Craftsman builder, whom today, along with a dedicated team, continue to bring the dreams alive to have your very own brand-new Heritage Home. A Heritage Home that meets the sustainability and technology of today and the future.

To create a living masterpiece without losing the true Characteristics of the classic Kiwi Build and Kiwi Builder.

A Heritage Home that you and your family can love for generations.